The Node Pole: Fortlax to expand with new 1 MW enterprise colocation data center in The Node Pole Swedish data center provider Fortlax expands by building a new 1 MW, 1000 m² data center in The Node Pole in northern Sweden. This new colocation facility will host Fortlax’ enterprise clients. The facility is powered by 100% renewable hydropower.

Fortlax was founded in 2004 and now has more than 400 clients in its existing data center Fortlax I. The new datacenter Fortlax II will be built 8 km (5 miles) north of the existing datacenter. – This is an important piece of the puzzle in our development of a unique and world-leading data center. Our plan is to open the center for our clients during the autumn of 2015, to then gradually scale the offering in line with the  increasing customer demand. This demand will most likely increase even more rapidly during the coming years, says Fortlax’ CEO Anders Berglund.

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This new investment will facilitate the increased demand from customers within high performance computing, storage, big data, Cloud and dual site resiliency. The initial build is for 1 MW server capacity, but the  new facility will have a future capacity of 10 000 m² (108 000 ft²) of server space. Fortlax’ plan is to gradually expand the capacity over the next few years.

– This investment is very timely. We see enterprise customers moving data out of their own buildings and looking for cost-effective, green and stable solutions. This broadens our offer for all types of customers demanding a wide array of competitive and sustainable data center solutions, says Fredrik Kallioniemi, The Node Pole.

About Fortlax: Fortlax offers a wide array of data storage solutions. The company was founded in 2004 and now has around 400 customers of all sizes and origins. Located in Piteå in The Node Pole business region in the Arctic north of Sweden, the location offers natural cooling, 100% green hydro and wind energy to highly competitive prices, a very low risk of natural disasters as well as a politically stable and business facilitating national and regional community.

About The Node Pole: The Node Pole is home to Facebook’s two mega data centers, KnCMiner’s three data centers and Hydro 66’s colocation facility. Since 2011 data centers with a combined capacity of 175 MW have been built or initiated in The Node Pole. The region has earned the epithet The Node Pole due to its northern position and emergence as a global hub for data traffic. The Node Pole offers perfect conditions for creating customised solutions for high-tech, electricity-intensive constructions such as data centers.

In addition to having an extremely stable electricity infrastructure, The Node Pole region provides natural and free fresh-air cooling and renewable hydro- and wind power with low energy costs. Sweden enjoys one of the lowest electricity pricings in Europe and The Node Pole region has the lowest electricity price in Sweden. The region is also one of the most geologically, politically and socially stable areas in the world. The Node Pole region encompasses the municipalities Luleå, Boden and Piteå in the very north of Sweden, just by the Arctic Circle. Read more at

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Anders Berglund – CEO Fortlax
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