Investing SEK 80 million in its third data center with an eye to big national and international customers.
Fortlax data center, with a digital location at the heart of the world and its physical location in Piteå, has succeeded in gaining the confidence of car manufacturer BMW through targeted development. BMW is not the only international company to have shown interest in the Fortlax data center philosophy and to have chosen Fortlax as a supplier.
“We have been forced to turn down several new national and international customers due to lack of capacity and hence this substantial investment in our third data center, F3, to enable us to continue to expand together with new big international customers,” says Anders Berglund, Fortlax CEO and founder.
The fact that a data center in northern Sweden had succeeded in becoming a supplier of advanced HPC cluster (High Performance Computing) to one of the world’s technology-leading car manufacturers came as a surprise to many people when the news was released in 2016. But not to Fortlax itself.
“Sweden remains our base. Our customers know us and know what we stand for, and even though we have the ambition to expand we will never lose focus on our customers’ needs; that is our existing customers, large and small, who have made it possible for us to get where we are today.
The potential and aim to attract foreign customers has been there throughout our journey, and the successes with BMW showed us that the company was on the right track,” continues Anders.
“We know the advantages provided by our geographic location. We have therefore employed a targeted strategy to position our business and highlight our unique advantages, including the cold climate, which reduces energy consumption for cooling, and our experience from assisting other big customers. Our location in the far north of Europe means a safe geographic position and a stable electricity grid with Europe’s lowest electricity prices, providing excellent conditions for a data center.”
As contractor for construction of the data center, Fortlax has chosen Coromatic, which in addition to delivering the data center as a turn-key project, will be responsible for service and maintenance through its local service organisation in northern Sweden.
“We are very proud to be part of Fortlax’s continued success, which is essentially a matter of hard work and strong motivation,” says Thomas Wunger, Head of Data Center Solutions at Coromatic. “We have worked closely with Fortlax to design and optimise the data center so that it supports the company’s specific needs in the best way possible and makes optimum use of the geographic location and the potential available for energy efficiency for the data center.”
The new F3 data center will be sited adjacent to F2 and around 10 km from F1. F3 is planned for completion in summer 2018. The 1,300 m2 facility will be constructed with the highest level of security classification, 3,6 MW power and space for 140 computer racks. The addition of F3 gives Fortlax data centers in three different locations in Piteå municipality. Fortlax is already in negotiations with a number of new interested parties, both national and international, who want to site equipment at F3.
Quotes and statements about Fortlax:
BMW has chosen Fortlax for our data storage, and there are more parties who are looking to the north to handle similar requirements.
“We are highly satisfied with our choice. We have a good, professional relationship and have direct contact if needed. We are very satisfied with the professional, continuous and uniform level of quality. Many other companies, including other car manufacturers, already make use of computing power from northern Sweden,” says Christoph Schmid at BMW, and adds that demand will only increase over the coming years.
“We feel that the F3 investment is an ideal fit with the profile we have chosen to develop. Technically strong suppliers who attract strong customers nationally and internationally,” states Anders Lundkvist, municipal commissioner in Piteå.

Photo: Per Pettersson

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