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Fortlax data center offers a wide range of digital storage services such as online backup, VPS and colocation.

Fortlax provides great services for computer operations. The company was founded in 2004 and today Fortlax has about 400 Swedish and global customers of all sizes. Something that is unique with our company is that we offer solutions to customers with high demands on security, as well as technology. Fortlax uses one hundred percent recyclable energy from hydro and wind power in its two plants F1 and F2. Fortlax is located in the county of Norrbotten, Piteå.

Here’s a couple of reasons why you want to work with us

We are specialised in storage solutions
We have one of Europe’s safest facilities
We are a comprehensive partner for company’s IT needs
We deliver the right solution at the right price
We offer the best from the best suppliers
You get your storage in a cloud near you


Fortlax datacenter was started by Anders Berglund and Mats Hjorth 2004 in Hortlax just south of Piteå.
In 2003, the two managed to buy one of Europe’s safest properties of the Swedish defense. The property was previously an important link for FRA (Defense Radio Institute) when they engaged in advanced signal tension on the site. At that time, around 30 people worked in the business that demanded the highest level of security both on staff and buildings.

The property was built as early as 1992 and, and according to known information, cost over 100 million Swedish kronor to complete. In 2001, operations were reduced. The main reason was that the “cold war” was finally over. In March 2003, Anders and Mats bought the property of the Fortification Administration – Swedish Defense. As the buildings / servers and the high level of operational reliability were very well suited for data and data storage, it was natural to start a data center operation on the site.

Early the vision was that we, Fortlax, would work with digital long-term preservation. Richard Rierstam, with a past from the National Archives and digital long-term preservation, was one of the new contacts offered ownership of the company. However, the market was not really mature for a digital long-term preservation – eArkiv at that time, 2004-2005. Without sacrificing the vision, Fortlax started offering customers Fortlax Online backup, which today is one of our most successful services.

Today, Fortlax has many large and small companies as well as some authorities on the customer list. The services we offer today is backup solutions, server hosting, hardware solutions, consulting and more.

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It is °C in Piteå.
This means that we are using
% outside air cooling to cool down our datacenters.