Camera surveillance law

We have camera surveillance around our facilities and areas according to agreements, as one of our many safety measures. Camera surveillance is neccesary to keep a high security standard when it comes to the data that we are storing in our servers. Camera surveillance is also neccesary to be able to act and invesigate properly if breach or sabotage attempts would occur.

If you visit Fortlax and believe that our camera surveillance is violating any laws, rules or regulations, you have the right to complain to Datainspektionen. You also have the right to contact us to request that any video material we have where you are participating is deleted. No one else but Fortlax have access to the surveilance material. The material will be stored for 30 days, and after that it will be automatically destroyed. 

If you have any questions, please contact Fortlax CISO at

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It is °C in Piteå.
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