One of Fortlax objectives is to work with partners to create profitable and long-term partnerships.

As a partner to us, we become a part of your offer to the customer and an additional skilled resource when needed. We will help you to fulfill customer requests for functionality and cost effectiveness. As a partner, you can access our main services in Europe’s most secure data centers – a tool for you to use in order to create profitable business.

Our focus is digital storage, Fortlax Online backup, Fortlax Storage on demand, and long term storage with eArchive. We also offer server hotel services, Co-location (place your own server with us) and VPS – virtual private server (we provide your own private server).

In addition we have a number of qualified consulting. In partnership, we actively participate and conduct sales activities together or in consultation with you. We also have a generous commission scheme with compensation received as long as you are our partner and there is active cooperation.

Are you interested in a partnership with us on Fortlax, contact us here!


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It is °C in Piteå.
This means that we are using
% outside air cooling to cool down our datacenters.