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Our data is business critical – how about yours?

Suddenly it happens… Have you ever accidentally poured a cup of coffee over a computer? We have.. It is precisely for such situations and worse we always back up all important data.

No investment costs, with Fortlax Online Backup backup, you get a cost-effective resolution that eliminates the need to own investment costs. Additionally, you get the ability to quickly scale up your backup solution as the company grows – without having to invest in expensive new hardware.

With Fortlax Online Backup you eliminates many risks – everything is done automatically. You can be sure that all your data is backed up safely and that it is securely stored outside of your buildings – every day. At a given time each day your data is encrypted and transferred. All new- and changed files to a secure storage location. After each backup, you get a receipt by e-mail that the backup is completed.

Fortlax has one of the world’s safest places for data storage.. Try 30 days without charge, contact us for more information!

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