Why not do as BMW Group and take advantage of the cold climate and green energy in one of Europe’s most secure datacenters?

With our service Colocation you place your own server in our secure datacenters and rent the operation from us. This means that you no longer need to think about things like internet capacity, power supply, cooling, backup diesel generators and monitoring. We’ll fix that. All of our server racks are locked up and monitored continuously.

Our skilled technicians ensure that everything works as it should so that you can focus on what you do best – your core business.

And did you know that all of our power comes from green electricity such as wind and hydropower? Placing your equipment with us is not only cost effective and practical, it’s environmentally friendly too!

Fortlax Colocation, 24/7 support, green electricity, maximum safety, redundant power supply, practical and cost effective. Contact us today!

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It is °C in Piteå.
This means that we are using
% outside air cooling to cool down our datacenters.