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Cloud Connect

– Have you tried how long it takes to be online again with your data after a disaster?
– How do you to get your backup copy from the office today?
– Are you sure that the backup routines have worked and that your data is actually recoverable? From 0.69 SEK / GB / month we can help you with the above.

With Veeam Cloud Connect it’s easy to replicate the backup data to our datacenter and if the disaster hits you we would be there for you getting all the servers and services online.

For the critical servers we can set up a full disaster/recovery site that could take over the operations if your environment begins to show issues or goes down completely.

Many companies struggle with their critical data and above all, how to secure it and have it available when the disaster emerge. Fortlax can assist you to secure the data all the way from you application to the old, but important archive files. Veeam Backup is also available for physical machines and Office365.

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Veeam Cloud Connect

With Veeam Cloud Connect you secure your backups offsite without having to invest in own infrastructure.


The 3-2-1 rule means that you need to have three copies of your data, that is stored on two types of media, with one copy in another location.

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