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We are currently experiencing reoccuring network problems in our city. This is unfortunately beyond our control.


Why not do as BMW Group and take advantage of the cold climate and green energy in one of Europe’s most secure datacenters?

With our service Colocation you place your own server in our secure datacenters and rent the operation from us. This means that you no longer need to think about things like internet capacity, power supply, cooling, backup diesel generators and monitoring. We’ll fix that. All of our server racks are locked up and monitored continuously.

Our skilled technicians ensure that everything works as it should so that you can focus on what you do best – your core business.

And did you know that all of our power comes from green electricity such as wind and hydropower? Placing your equipment with us is not only cost effective and practical, it’s environmentally friendly too!

Fortlax Colocation, 24/7 support, green electricity, maximum safety, redundant power supply, practical and cost effective. Contact us today!

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Contact us and we will help you directly!

Phone: +46(911)-300 60

Security & Infrastructure

Redundant power, efficient cooling system, EMP-protection and surveillance 24/7/365 in a building with security class 3 (the highest a civilian property can get in Sweden).

Good Communication

Use 'our' network to connect your offices, customers or other data centers to us. We, together with our partners solve your communication. And we are good at communicating with you as a customer too.

Grow in the cloud

Once your system has the most to do, we can ensure that those in need are given more capacity in the cloud. Performance when you need it!


Fortlax has two data centers Fortlax 1 (F1) and Fortlax 2 (F2) . We can offer a top modern twin data center solution.

Inkrementell backup

Why should you store your valuable information with Fortlax?

The answer is simple. We offer world-class storage and backup solutions, in one of Europe's most secure data centers in the world's best geographical location for the storage of digital information.

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