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Fortlax VPS

A VPS (virtual private server) are often a good and economical alternative or supplement to physical servers.

With Fortlax Virtual Private Server (VPS) you’ll have access to a private enterprise server without extensive investments in hardware or software – a cost effective solution that is far more flexible and scalable than a physical server. Fortlax provides virtual server solutions for every need and always with an operating system preinstalled.

Some advantages of a virtual server is that you only pay for what you are using, and you don’t need to deal with functions you’ll never use, a virtual private server is often much cheaper than a dedicated server, and if you are a small business today and hoping to expand a cheap VPS might save you precious time.

Your virtual server can run Windows or Linux, and if you have no knowledge how to manage a VPS Fortlax can help you with that. We install, configure and manage the whole operation for you if required – of course this costs a bit more than if you had handled it by yourself, but much time can be saved and we all know that time is money.



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Why Virtual?

Virtual servers are often a good and economical alternative or supplement to physical servers. Since the server hardware is shared among different customers, you'll lower the price. VPS is a flexible solution which is also easy to upgrade the CPU, memory, disk, and to create a new server - eg. for testing or evaluation.


Each virtual enterprise server is isolated and cannot be seen by unauthorized people. The server can be scaled to fit your organizations needs without disturbing the availability of your other servers.

Full flexibility

For full flexibility, we also offer server functionality in different forms such as Microsoft SQL Server, Terminal Server or Small Business Server. Optional Patch management, VLAN, virtual firewall and monitoring.

Great support

Sometimes even the best needs a helping hand. Perhaps you have an awesome idea that we can help you implement. Regardless of the above, we think you should contact us, we'll help you in the right direction.

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Fortlax - Europe's Fort Knox for cloud services

Fortlax is Norrland's leading data center just outside Piteå. Our unique position just south of the Arctic Circle, with natural cooling, stable electricity supply, a stable political situation gives us unique opportunities for data storage. Adding in addition to our plant has the highest safety rating a civilian building may have in Sweden, the Fortlax suddenly one of the world's best places for a future of safe and sustainable data storage.

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